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Bing Ads now supports a third headline and extra description text

January 19, 2019 5:38 pm Published by Ben Anderson
Search Engine Bing

Bing Ads has finally made the updates to their expanded text ads updates available, and advertisers can now add more text to make long text ads from any part of the world. With the additional space, advertisers can add more text in both the headlines and description field to improve the engagement of their ads. Bing has updated the expanded text ads to support two descriptions per every ad and three headlines in every title. With the update, advertisers can benefit from:

  • An extra headline that offers three headlines in every title
  • An extra description with two descriptions per ad
  • 90 text characters in each description

The added description and title fields in Bing Ads appear on the right of the original fields. You can add the extra headline, which supports thirty characters, to the existing and the new ads to provide extra information such as callouts, offers, calls to action and shopping. A pipe symbol separates the three headlines after their addition.

According to Bing, advertisers should use the first and second headlines to the maximum because they are guaranteed to appear. The device size and the user response signals will determine whether the third headline will appear or not. Moreover, they do not guarantee that your target audience will see the second description of your devices. Therefore, when making an ad, you should place your relevant text in your first description and any additional text on the second.

Bing allows two 90 characters in the two descriptions. You can use Bulk API or Campaign Management to make the additional fields for your expanded text ads. The additional fields are an option, and as an advertiser, you are not under any obligations to fill your ads with more information than you feel comfortable with. The updates to the Ads are available to every advertiser from all parts of the globe.

To start benefiting from the optional fields, try to add a second and third headline to the existing Bing Ad and include the second description. A quick example: if you operate a retail shop, include two headlines – one showing the brand name and the other showing the official website. Add the third headline to show the shipping details, the promotion of special offers or call to action.

With the update, ads will appear great on all devices – including mobiles like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the text ads will not support the preference setting of a device. Mostly, when the ad shows, the first headline, the second headline, and the first description will appear.


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