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Creating a simple product in WooCommerce tutorial

January 25, 2019 5:00 pm Published by Ben Anderson

If you have a Ubie ecommerce website this guide will help you add simple products to your website.

Adding a simple product

  1. Login to your website at
  2. Click onto ‘Products’
  3. Click ‘Add Product’
  4. Give your product a title in the title box e.g. Blue trousers
  5. Next select a product category from the ‘Product Categories’ menu on the right-hand side of the screen (Note if there is no relevant product category press ‘Add New Product Category’ and give the category a relevant title e.g. Clothing)
  6. Give your product a description in the description box (This is the largest text box on the page)
  7. Optional: Under the ‘Product Data’ menu you can place an SKU in the ‘SKU’ box this can be the products barcode (UPC) or any other stock keeping unit you have
  8. After in the ‘Product Data’ box you can set the price of your product in the ‘Regular Price (£)’ field
  9. Now click the ‘Inventory’ tab and then click ‘Manage Stock?’
  10. Next enter the quantity of stock you would like to sell under the ‘Stock Qty’ field e.g. 5
  11. Next click the shipping tab where you can enter the weight and dimensions of your product in the fields labelled ‘Weight (kg)’ and ‘Dimensions (cm)’ respectively as well as selecting the ‘Shipping class’ in the dropdown menu
  12. Afterwards add a short description of your product in the ‘Product Short Description’ field below this should give a brief overview of the product in a single sentence
  13. Next in the right-hand menu under ‘Product Image’ click ‘Set product image’ and upload an image or select an image from your WordPress gallery
  14. Finally press ‘Publish’ in the right-hand menu and your product will be added to your site


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