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How logos are important for brand image

February 18, 2019 5:00 pm Published by Ben Anderson

People are able to identify a business immediately they see its logo, including when the business name is not part of the logo. The logo can also provide your audience with information relating to the nature of your business. Studies show that symbols are a compact and effective way of communicating your important business information. Here are some of the reasons you should invest in a good logo for your business.

A great logo will provide a good first impression

Your customers will base their decision on the logo and the business name during their first visit to your website. Mostly, a person who lands on your website will see the logo and the business name first. Therefore, a properly designed logo will work as an effective hook. The size, font, colour, and style will tell them more about your business.

Helps you build the identity of your brand

You will need a good logo to build a successful online business. Even though the logo is not a business, it will play a crucial role in the establishment of your brand identity. Mostly, it will turn out to be your brand’s pictorial representation or the aspect of your business that most people will identify easily.

Will help you market your products on all social media platforms

For your business to grow, you will have to market your products or services across all types of media. That includes anything from online content to printed materials, from exhibitions and trade shows to corporate giveaways and free-gifts. Perhaps, you already know that most printing companies are strict on the files they can print. They might ask you for .png, .eps, .indd, .psd or .ai files. The colour choice and size of the logo is important too – you might even need several sizes. For effective marketing, go for the right logo.

Use the logo where your business name would not fit

After more people are exposed to your business logo, it will become synonymous with your brand and business name. That allows you to use the logo on every promotional materials or product as your business’ standalone representation. That is particularly important if the business name cannot fit on promotional material or will not look good on your product.

Increases your returns

As your business grows, most people will start trusting you and the services or products you offer. If your business logo is unprofessional, homemade or tacky, you are more likely to turn customers who need something away. First impression counts in business and professional logo design will encourage your customers to get what they need from your business.


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