One of the SEO strategies you can use to improve the ranking of your website on Google involves increasing the traffic of your website. Statistics show that in the year 2017, around 79 per cent of the global desktop traffic originated from Google. Most companies, both corporate and e-commerce, produce valuable content useful for the customers and users. However, most of the information never makes to the first page of Google’s ranking and it is likely to land where people are unlikely to find it.

If your website content goes unnoticed, what is the point of publishing it in the first place? You have to ensure that you are doing anything that you can for your website content to land on the first page of Google’s ranking. Google wants to rank the authoritative pages so that the users can get the best answers to their queries. The direct traffic level correlates with the number of general online presence and links the website owner has developed overtime, and therefore, Google might see that as authoritativeness.

Referral traffic will reflect your click-through from the links you provide and will influence your ranking on the search engine. The other traffic will involve people who type the domain name of your website directly instead of clicking on links. That is for several reasons. First, they might make handwritten notes to check the website later and copying and pasting the link to your website in a new browser window, tab or another browser.

Moreover, people will see the domain associated with your content such as Quora bio, or social media post and paste it directly on the address bar. Direct traffic might also come from individuals who remember the full domain of your website and always come back for various reasons. That shows some authority and influences the ranking of your website through links. The more direct website traffic you attract, the more likely your website will rank higher on the search engines.

To increase the direct traffic of your website, you should try several methods. First, you can use the popular social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The websites are more effective because they have a large user base. You can include the link to your website in your posts to increase your direct website traffic. That way, you will prove to Google that your website content of great value to the users. You can also include links to your other publications in every new release.