We are living in a digital age and most people rely on the internet to find companies or stores around them. For your small business to compete with the others within your area, Local SEO is necessary. However, the benefits of Local SEO go beyond the improved visibility and increased website traffic. Actually, Local SEO will affect your business powerfully in several unexpected ways. Here are some of them.

Higher quality traffic

Effective SEO will not bring customers to your door; it will bring higher quality traffic – the many viewers who are likely to buy your services or goods – to your website. You can bring more traffic to your website through various ways such as labelling photos with descriptive words and adding them to your website or blog, selecting tags and blog categories with your target population in mind and using meta tags. The main goal is to get what your target customers require.

Established credibility and trust

If your website ranks high on the search engine results, more people will believe that your business is credible and trustworthy. Studies show that around 98 per cent of individuals select businesses that rank on page one of Google search rankings. Your Local SEO should land your website on the first page and keep it there through satisfied customers, return visits and more positive revises.

Improved branding

Local SEO will improve your branding in a similar way it helps establish credibility and trust because the two rely on the placement of a page on the search results. If your web pages constantly appear at the top for particular keyword searches, customers will see your business as a primary player in the industry. Without any additional efforts, the web searches will have an automatic positive result of who you are and the services or products you offer. Your main goal should be to deliver what they expect.

High local offline conversions

Improved Local SEO will result in both in-store and internet sales. Actually, around 72 per cent of buyers who conduct local searches visit the store if it is within 5 miles of the location and around 78 per cent of the local searches completed through mobile devices result to in-store purchases. For regional or local based companies, local SEO is important for growing or establishing a business.

Improved engagement

Several factors such as the number of times a visitor spends on a website affect SEO ranking. By keeping the viewers on your website for a longer time, you will benefit more. People will remain on your website if you have developed engaging content that can easily capture the attention of potential customers. As a result, you will witness higher click-through rates in addition to improved SEO rankings.

If you have been viewing Local SEO as a method of driving more traffic to your website, you are possibly missing many other benefits. By understanding the effects of Local SEO on your business, you will be able to incorporate the processes in your sales, marketing and branding campaigns to establish a cohesive online presence.