A few years ago, Google webmaster started basing the ranking of websites on the loading speed. The websites that take a long time to load can slow down the whole internet and Google has taken the factor seriously. Google considers the load time of your web pages when deciding on where to rank your website in addition to some other elements like some parameters like meta description, meta title.

Some factors that can reduce the loading speed of your web pages include:

Your host

Mostly, you will get exactly what you pay for. Cheap offers are likely to wreak havoc on the loading speed of a webpage. Therefore, ensure that you have opted for a host that is suitable for the needs of your business.

Enormous images

Images will take a longer time to load and can, therefore, reduce the speed of your website. If you embed extra data in the comments and absence of compression will significantly affect the speed. You will need to go for PNG files that will not require more details like JPEG files and logos.

Unoptimized browser, app, and plugins

You have to test your website on various browsers because it might load at different speeds on different web browsers.

Tons of ads

Apart from bothering your website users, many add-ons on your website will affect the loading speeding.

External embedded media

External media, such as videos, is important for your website. However, it can largely reduce the loading speed of your website and affect the experience of your website users. To increase the loading speed, you might need to host them on your server.

Your Theme

Some extremely designed themes, particularly those containing many effects will significantly lower the loading speed of your web pages.


Some comments areas or social buttons can affect the loading speed of your web pages.

Double-barreled code

If your CSS/HTML is inefficient or dense, it will reduce the loading speed of your website.

Google will compare the loading speed of your web pages to that of the competitors on specific attributes and segments and if you are faster, they will provide you with bonus points. However, you should keep in mind that they do not give points unilaterally. They will consider the user’s device, the country, and the network.

Google promotes search results for resources that have shorter load times relative to the resources having longer load times in presentation order. They demote the search results for resources with longer loading times.