If you are already operating a website for your business, you should start using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your website can rank as high as possible on the popular search engines like Google and Bing. At its basic, SEO refers to finding ways of increasing the appearance of a website on the search results of a visitor.

With increased visibility, you should expect more traffic to your website. Intense SEO might involve complex website restructuring with a consultant or a firm specialising in the area, but you need to take a few steps to improve the ranking of your website. Consider the following Search Engine Optimization tips for 2019.

  • Start by monitoring your current position
  • To start garnering the benefits of SEO, you have to monitor your current standing before you employ any other strategy. Keep a closer eye on the ranking of each of your web pages. Moreover, you should check the referral log several times a day to know the number of people who visit your website and their search terms.

  • Use keywords appropriately
  • You have to place keywords appropriately on your website. Place them on all aspects of the website such as the URLs, content, titles and the names of your images. Think about the keywords as important search terms. The page header and title tag are two important places to place your keywords.

  • Internal links
  • Linking to other pages on the same website is among the basic SEO strategies that work best. Internal links will help you boost traffic to all pages. Try to link your pages back to the archives regularly, particularly when creating new content. In addition to that, you should make your anchor texts friendly to the search engines.

  • Build a sitemap
  • Addition of a sitemap – a website page listing all your web pages and their links – will enable spiders to search your website easily. The lesser the clicks a visitor requires to get to your website the better.

  • Create valuable content
  • Ensure that your website content is fresh. You should, therefore, update it on a regular basis, and often, to increase the traffic. Some of the best websites contain oft-updated information about the offered products, given services, discipline, and topics. To ensure that you are updating the website regularly, start a blog.

  • External links
  • Another way of directing more traffic to every website page involves developing relationships with other valuable websites. Ask other webmasters if they will include links to your website in their content. You should be ready to return a favour. Ensure that the website has an excellent reputation to avoid ruining your ranking.

    In conclusion, search engine spiders only search texts. That means you should describe your images accurately. Start with the image name and add “ALT” tag, which allows the addition of keyword-rich descriptions for the images on your website.