Regardless of the internet browser, you are using; Google will base the results on your location after entering an internet search. If you want more people to find you and review your business easily, you should focus on the local searches. Google My Business, also known as the Google Places, allows customers to find information about a business easily including the contact information, hours of operation and directions from the comfort of their homes or office – regardless of the device, they are using.

You must list your website on Google My Business, particularly if you are running both an online store and a physical one. A fully working and complete Google My Business Page will increase your success both offline and online.

Moreover, you should ensure that the Google Page optimised for results, complete and accurate. Its functioning will affect the traffic to your website. When someone searches for a service or product, he/she is more likely to receive local search listings. The local listings mostly feature addresses and phone numbers.

  • The setup process of a Google My Business Page
  • To set up a Google My Business Page, you do not need special skills. The process is straightforward and easy. Google will not charge you anything to set up the page. The first step involves claiming the page. Do a fast search on Google Maps to check whether someone has already created a page for your business. If it is inexistent, create one by following the offered instructions. Ensure that the profile is complete and verify through your postcard code or phone call. You will hit 100% after the verification.

  • Optimising your Google My Business Page
  • To make your website visible to the target population, you must optimise it. That should also happen if you want your Google My Business Page to remain visible to your customers. The main goal of Google is to assist individuals to find businesses within their location easily. Therefore, it can be very hard to attract customers from locations outside the boundary Google has set. If a searcher is closer to your business, you are more likely to appear on their search results.

    However, you can optimise the Google My Business page to make your business visible to the people outside the location boundaries Google has set. List your business on directory listings and other high-quality websites. Keep the Name, Address and Phone (NAP) information consistent on all websites for the best results.