Did you know that the number of searches people conducted through Google alone were over 1 trillion in the year 2018? Due to its popularity, the search engine uses a strict algorithm. Google has much control over what your target audience can see in the search results and therefore you have to be careful when developing your SEO strategies. And because more businesses are going online, you should put your money where it counts. Start investing in the local SEO. Here are some of the reasons why local SEO is a valuable tool for your business marketing.

  1. Local SEO will rank you high in the local search results
  2. Nearly 64 percent of people use Google when searching for products or services. Statistics show that around 50 percent of people who make local searches end up walking into a store and purchasing the target product. Therefore, if you are operating a business that involves face-to-face transactions, you should use Local SEO properly.

  3. Local SEO works to benefit the customers
  4. Your primary goal in business is to provide exactly what your customers require. You also want to provide them with a memorable experience. Today, the experience starts when someone is searching for your retail store – not after he/she walks into your store. Mostly, they start their research on Google. Allow your customers to find information easily. That way, they will take lesser time to get the product they need.

  5. Local SEO is a free source of advertisement
  6. By using local SEO, you will be able to promote your products and services to the individuals in need of them. On-page signals like the presence of NAP on your website will help you rank higher. Local SEO efforts are more rewarding because after establishment you will continue to market your products and services without incurring any costs. Remember to select the right keywords for the best results.

  7. Local SEO reduces the chances of losing money through advertisements
  8. Around 78 percent of the searches completed through mobile devices end with purchases – either online or in-store. Therefore, if you are not proactive, you will be hindering the conversion rates. Around 92.2 percent of the businesses that use local SEO and other inbound marketing strategies can increase their lead generation. Furthermore, around 42.2 percent of businesses can increase their conversion rates. Today, most people are searching for restaurants and stores close to them.

  9. Conclusion
  10. People mostly search for the location of a store including if they have visited it before – they do that to reach it easily. By focusing on local SEO, you will increase the number of individuals discovering your business each day, when they enter a query related to the business in a search engine bar.