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Web design trends for 2019

January 21, 2019 5:00 pm Published by Ben Anderson

The internet has rapidly grown within the last one decade. We have witnessed the introduction of VR, AR, AMP, AI, and numerous other acronyms. However, the changes have highly affected the world of website design. Website developers are now moving towards creativity and abandoning the traditional stock photos and grids for bold colours, vibrant illustrations, and asymmetrical layouts. Websites are now smarter with subtle interactions and machine learning and the shifting paradigms are driving design trends. Here are the web design trends to expect in 2019 as technology and aesthetics come together.

More video content

Website video content is not new in the world of website design. In addition to diversifying the content, videos cater for the on-the-go audiences who lack the time to scan through a load of text content. However, Google has changed its algorithm to prioritize on pages that feature video content in addition to quality text content. As a result, websites are now prioritizing on video production to improve their ranking on the search engine.

Natural organic shapes

Even though website pages are generally set up for the systematic grids, the modern day designers are opting for smooth lines and natural shapes. The geometric structures like rectangles, squares, and triangles with sharp corners create a stability sense, but in the year 2019, designers will focus on accessibility and comfort feeling. Organic shapes are asymmetrical and naturally imperfect and provide website design depth that allows web pages to stand out.

Retro designs

The list of website trends would not be complete without touching on retro designs. The modern computers are pervasive meaning that glitch art is making its comeback. The design will draw website users to the parts of the website that are glitchy and double exposed or warped.


The purpose of micro-interactions is to surprise the website users and to make events that are more inviting and human. Each time you take actions on a mobile application or website, you should expect a response to it – that is micro-interaction. The beeps you hear after refreshing a website page are micro-interaction too. Those have been the commonest uses. However, in the year 2019, websites are likely to feature animations, chimes, and other features.


With the advancement of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots have become more efficient and intelligent. In 2019, expect them to show up on many web pages with a high level of customization than before. Bright colours will make the prominent and inviting.


In 2019, you are likely to witness many surprises and therefore the list of trends to expect in the web design world can never end. Website designers are also likely to focus on minimalism. The audience will think less if the content on your website is less. A properly designed properly will provide users with exactly what they need.


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