Whether you are currently running a small or a large business, you will have a wide range of options when it comes to hosting your website, mail server or website applications. Shared hosting is the commonest option. In a shared option, many websites share one server. If you need more power and control, you will have to opt for the service providers offering dedicated hosting.

In dedicated hosting, you will have to rent a server from the dedicated hosting provider and start using all the resources of that server. The provider will provide you with the RAM, CPU and disk space that you require. They will also build or maintain the server, which means that you will not incur any server setup costs. Here are the key benefits of selecting a dedicated hosting provider.

You will never share the server resources

By selecting a dedicated website hosting provider, you will benefit from all the available resources. You will never worry about another site clogging up the RAM or CPU of the server. Your website will always load faster.

Enhanced security and performance

A dedicated hosting provider will guarantee minimal downtime for your e-commerce website. Shared hosting is only suitable for websites with lower traffic. To be sure that your customers will always come back, you will need the reliability and stability of dedicated servers. You will never share a server with potential spammers or malicious sites. The enhanced security expected with dedicated hosting is important for companies that handle sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.

More flexibility

A dedicated server will provide you with the flexibility of server customization to match your needs for RAM, CPU, and software and disk space. In the world of shared hosting, the provider will limit you to the software, applications and operating environment they have loaded on the shared server. They might provide you with software you do not want.

Unique IP address

A dedicated server will have its unique IP address. In shared hosting, you will be sharing the same IP address with other website owners. If one of them is an adult or spam website, Google or any other search engine will push the rank of your website downward. Dedicated hosting provides you with a dedicated server, which means that you will have a unique IP address. It is important when operating an e-commerce website that needs SSL for processing of credit and debit cards.

No maintenance expenses

If you require a dedicated server but you do not have the resources or time needed to manage the server yourself, dedicated hosting will allow you to benefit from full server resources at a lower cost. Dedicated website hosting providers handle the building and maintenance costs, which means that you should expect fewer overheads increased return on investment.