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Why choose WooCommerce for your online shop

January 27, 2019 5:00 pm Published by Ben Anderson

WooCommerce is among the popular WordPress plugins designed with an aim of transforming WordPress into an efficient eCommerce platform. The plugin offers many brilliant features and is a great choice for both beginner level and experienced online sellers. Launched in the year 2011, the plugin supports a variety of businesses and boasts around 1.6 million downloads. In addition to the many features, the WooCommerce is user-friendly and therefore an ideal choice for startups that need simple processes and one that does not cost anything. Here are some of the reasons you might need to consider it when setting up your online shop.

It is flexible

Among the primary benefits of WooCommerce is that the beginners using it can exercise more flexibility with the products, without having to research more on the technical side of the products. They can use the sale prices and independent attributes to categorize their products when selling on the platform. Moreover, WooCommerce allows selling of downloadable items, physical items, virtual products, and external products.

It is more than an eCommerce plugin

WooCommerce does not force the users to get out of their comfort zone when building their online store. It allows the users to open something more than a simple e-commerce store. They can build a functioning store on a professional website in addition to an integrated blog. The users are able to harness all the features of an online business in a single place and present them together seamlessly.

More customization options

Unlike most other rigid e-commerce platforms, the WooCommerce allows more customization. Actually, with the enabled themes, you can customize your online business store to a unique level. Most of the themes are available freely through the WooThemes Store. After you have selected a theme, you will be able to change the pre-set CSS colour and style themes. You can tweak the code and experiment with the features that come with every feature.

It is professional but simple

The WooCommerce is user-friendly but that should not force to thinking that it is not one of the professional online stores’ solutions. The system offers detailed customer engagement tools and order tracking features, which will allow you to view the past and the open orders in addition to updating the delivery statuses and applying discounts. Inventory management, tax setting, coupon codes, and shipping options will come in handy when operating a professional store.
WooCommerce has been around for several years. Within the years it has been around, the developers have introduced many themes that will help you differentiate your e-commerce platform from that of others. The users also benefit from video tutorials and community forums.


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