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Why DDOS protection is important for your website

February 6, 2019 5:00 pm Published by Ben Anderson

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) can be a nightmare for any company. The aim of most DDoS attacks is to take down a website or a whole network and halt a business or cause the website owner to lose business. In fact, DDoS attacks happen at the worst times and can result in longer time drifting of customers away from your business and prevent your potential customers from signing up.

The aim of DDoS protection is to eliminate the expensive downtime and increase the availability of a website. With DDoS protection, your business will keep running in an efficient way. DDoS protection providers use advanced routing techniques to distribute attacks across a wide range of networks so that any major influx of traffic will not affect your business performance. Here are a few benefits of DDoS protection.

Brand protection

The name of your brand will stand for your business’ foundation and anything you have worked hard to achieve. If a DDoS attack found you unprepared, your brand will take a huge hit in your customers’ eyes.

Maximized availability

By increasing the availability of your website, including during a DDoS attack, you will increase the number of potential customers and traffic. After maximizing the availability of your website, you will boost your relations with the current and the long-time customers will increase your opportunities to contact new customers.

Peace of mind

When your website and the network is safe, you will sleep property each night. In this digital era, availability is everything and DDoS protection will keep your company running efficiently.

A better understanding of DDoS attacks

The sources and origins of DDoS attacks are unknown. But with DDoS protection, you will be able to learn about all attacks and prepare for them.

Increased capacity

In case of a DDoS attack, your business website will go down. DDoS protection will reduce or eliminate downtimes by distributing the attacks across mass networks with higher bandwidth so that your business can continue as usual.

The risk for cyber-attacks increase with every step we take into the digital world. Of all the available types of cyber-attacks, DDoS has received more attention in the most recent years – and that is for good reason. It is easier to protect your business from the attack because you just need to engage a professional. With the right protection, your business will continue running throughout the day and reduce the chances of losing your potential customers.


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