Benefits of Having a Live Chat on Your Website

Benefits of Having a Live Chat on Your Website

Recently, many companies have been adding a live chat feature to their website. A live chat allows people to visit your website to message you with questions or feedback. It could also allow you to message visitors and further engage them.

Monthly pay website services can allow you to add a live chat to your site. There are many benefits to having a live chat. Here are just some of the ways a live chat can be of value to your business.

Turn more website visitors into leads

A live chat allows you to more easily engage visitors – which could lead to more leads via your website.

A potential customer may have questions that they want to ask regarding your product or services. A live chat tool allows them to easily ask these questions and receive the information that they need there and then. Without convenient access to this information, some visitors may leave your site and visit another company’s site.

A live chat can also be used to reach out to visitors. By tracking your visitors and their activity, you can set up automatic messages to pop up. If a visitor has abandoned their shopping cart and is about to leave your site, you could trigger a reminder message to appear at the last minute, which could prompt them into staying. Similarly, you may be able to trigger messages to pop up for visitors that have been on your site for a long time. Pay monthly websites may be able to help you set up these automated messages.

Cater to telephone-phobic customers

Many of us hate picking up the phone. A live chat offers an alternative means of communication that many consumers may prefer. As a result, you could see a boost in leads.

With a website pay monthly service, you can set up a live chat and start catering to these telephone-phobic consumers.

Spend less time on the phone

Answering phone calls can be a major workflow interruption. While some of these callers may be potential customers, you may find that you’re unable to get much work done if you’re constantly addressing personal enquiries on the phone. A live chat could reduce callers and allow you to more easily answer queries while getting on with other work. There could even be an increase in leads as a result of less missed calls.

A live chat may also benefit consumers by allowing them to bypass phone queues, which you may have in place if the phone is constantly ringing. It’s easier and faster to handle multiple queries via live chat than it is to handle multiple callers. All in all, a website pay monthly live chat feature could save everyone time spent on the phone.

Communicate with consumers in all languages

A hidden benefit of enabling a live chat is the ability to more easily communicate with people in all languages. Text can easily be translated allowing you to cater to foreign-speaking consumers. If you operate on a global level, being able to remove this language barrier could be vital.

Pay monthly websites can help you to set up a live chat and start engaging with customers all around the world. Better communication means more leads.

Record conversations for easy reference

Live chat conversations are also easier to reference if you need to go back and remind yourself of specific details. While phone calls can be recorded and transcribed, live chat conversations are already in writing – such conversations can be referenced at a later date for employee feedback, for training purposes, for legally defending oneself against a legal claim, or for possibly gathering testimonials.

Consumers can also go back and reference these conversations if necessary. This could be useful when giving out instructions to someone – when giving out instructions over the phone it’s easier for a customer to forget or misinterpret information, while a live chat allows customers to reread the conversation if they need to reconfirm anything. With a monthly pay website, you can set up a live chat feature and start taking advantage of this major benefit.