Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to access and use the website under the domain name www.ubie.co.uk. This site is managed and operated by Ubie.

The terms “Your” or “You” is the end user accessing the website. “Us” or “We” or “Our” stands for the Company.

Accessing, using or purchasing anything on our website is subject to these Terms and Conditions. These website Terms and Conditions is a legally binding agreement between you and Ubie. It is essential that you take time and read them.

By accessing, purchasing products or using this website, you must acknowledge that you are bound to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not want to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you should not use or access this website.

Ubie may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time, without individual notice to you. We will have deemed that you accept these modifications if you continue to use our products/services and website. We recommend that you check our Terms and Conditions regularly for any amendments or changes.

You should not use our services or sign any agreements with us if you are not a sufficient age to form a binding contract between you and us. You should also not use our products and services if you have been legally barred or prohibited from receiving or using our products and services.

Ubie will only provide its products are services to clients in a responsible state and can refuse any of our goods and services to you, for any reason.

Credit check

Pay monthly packages are sometimes subject to a credit check, these are usually random checks or by spot check. Sometimes if we believe your business is what we would deem a “risk” we have full rights to credit check you. If we consider you could be at risk, we can refuse you our Pay Monthly service and instead we will offer our one-off-cost payment plans.

Direct debit

Direct Debit currently takes all client payments, and you shall agree to the Direct Debit Guarantee and Direct Debit Terms & Conditions.

We use direct debit payments for both recurring payments and one-off payments. This will mainly require your account number, sort code and address. You will be needed to fill out a direct debit mandate from, so these payments can be taken.

Contract of Agreement

You will agree that all website plans are bound to a 12 months minimum contract, this means that you will be required to pay your monthly fee for at least a period of 12 months. After the 12 months period, your subscription will renew automatically, and you will be placed onto a 1-month rolling contract, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure they keep track of their payments and no refunds will be given for customers failing to cancel (if they want to) after the initial contract term.

Late or non-payments

Ubie charges a £5 late payment fee for payments which occur after every 15 days payment has not been received. If the client continues not to pay, we will attempt to contact either by email or telephone. If no payments have been made after 30 days, Ubie will provide an official warning from our Solicitors and will then take legal action to recover the costs if necessary.

Ubie has the right to retry for failed direct debits automatically without notice to the client. We operate an automatic system which will attempt to take failed direct debits again and will do on multiple occasions if necessary on an automatic basis.

Payment terms

The client we have on file will be responsible for paying the charges whether the services are used by yourself or by someone else.

You are responsible for changing your payment methods on your online Ubie account or by contacting us, late or non-payments could result in the termination of services and legal action if necessary.

If we are unable to take payment by direct debit for any reason, we will send instructions to pay Ubie for the recurring payment or invoiced amount. These payments must still be made on time to Ubie.

We will own the code and design of your website until all minimum payments have been made. Once all of these payments have been made to Ubie, you will have the ownership of your sites files, design, branding and coding.

Security & Viruses

Ubie takes security very seriously of our clients. However, we cannot guarantee that websites will always be completely virus free or take liability for security attacks that affect your data or services. The client also holds the responsibility to keep their site secure, including their website username and password. If you believe your site is under attack or there is a security issue with your services, please contact [email protected]

Refund policy

Refunds will not be given once work has started on your services and you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

Once you agree to your website to go live, you also agree that you are entirely satisfied with our work and no refunds will be given for any reason after the site has been published.

Termination of services

If Ubie terminates your services for any of the reasons in our Terms and Conditions, all outstanding payments and paying for the remainder of your contract is mandatory. Ubie can also take down your services.

Cancellation policy

We put a lot of time and effort into our products and services we provide. In most cases, we will require you to finish your minimum contracted period.

You must not cancel direct debits directly from your bank, please always inform Ubie first. This could otherwise result in immediate termination of your services and even legal action if necessary.

In exceptional circumstances, a deal could be reached. However, this is down to the decision of management, and every case is judged separately.

Upfront payments are not refundable in a result of a cancellation.

Fair usage

Website revisions: A fair usage of design revisions we carry out is five major revisions and unlimited minor changes during the design process. We believe this is more than enough to find your perfect design and layout for your website. When your site is published, you will then be expected to carry out any amendments yourself using your website login (content & images) or pay for Ubie to carry out modifications.

Website hosting: While we are relatively lenient regarding hosting our client’s websites, we do have fair usage limits to ensure other customers services are not affected. The limits are 10gb of storage, 1gb ram and 10gb website traffic. This is usually more than enough for most clients. We would recommend getting your dedicated server if you need more resources.

Website support: We provide website technical support by email by our address [email protected] or by logging onto your Ubie account online. Clients should send no more than ten emails per month for non-urgent issues.

We try and aim to provide a response to urgent enquiries within 1-2 business working days and five business working days for non-urgent issues.

Legalities, copyright & infringement

Ubie shall expect the client to research your business idea sufficiently, marketing context and branding is going to operate legally. We reserve the right to remove any website from our servers if we have any reasons to believe you are operating illegally.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure any content and images used on their websites are copyright free. Ubie will not be held liable for any legal action taken against yourself or business for copyright and infringement.

Ubie makes no guarantees that contents of our website are lawfully downloadable or viewable outside England & Wales. Anyone accessing our website outside this area or in another country other than the United Kingdom is done at the user’s risk.

We take no responsibility or will be held liable for anything affecting your business operation, profitability or sales that could be claimed as a result of the services offered by Ubie.

Search engine optimisation

We cannot guarantee certain positions on the search engines or the amount of time it will take to rank on Google. Higher competition keywords can take considerably longer for a ranking position. No refunds will be given under any circumstance.

Pay per click management

Your management fee to Ubie is separate from your advertising costs which will be directly paid to Google. By signing up to any of our PPC plans also means you automatically agree to Google AdWords Terms and Conditions.

Bespoke website design

Most Ubie website plans come with a bespoke design; these designs are customised designs which suit your requirements. Please be aware some requirements can be refused, and Ubie does use a starter package file which includes a basic layout of your site. This is so we can pass these savings along to our customers.

Illegal material & adult sites

Ubie will not tolerate any illegal material. Our termination of services process will be followed in any case of illegal material.

Ubie in most cases does not accept adult websites. Our management will decide this on an individual basis


To ensure we keep our prices down as much as possible, we use email as the primary communication method. We believe email communication is the most efficient and productive way to communicate and allows us to track customer progress more easily. However, if you would prefer to contact us our telephone number is 02036579739.

Ubie will not be held liable for any communication issues for any changes of your details; it is the client’s responsibility to ensure we have your up-to-date contact information. Many of our systems rely on you having the correct contact information to send you relevant information and billing invoices.

It is essential that the client keeps in touch with Ubie throughout the whole process. If a customer does not take contact for more than 14 days, Ubie will attempt to make five attempts to contact you by email. If no response is received the project could be terminated and any payments made to us will not be refunded. If you wish to postpone your project for a longer period than two weeks, we will charge a fee of £45.00. If the client’s project is postponed longer than six months or no notice is given, a free of £75.00 will be charged to continue the project. Please be aware if no response is received within two months, we could remove your website files which would be unrecoverable, and the project could be cancelled with no refund.

Website design & development

Any layout or design changes are subject to the restrictions on the WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento frameworks.

While we try and stick to any timeframes we have provided to a client, sometimes this is not always possible, and we will not be held liable nor provide any compensation or refunds. Timeframes provided by Ubie are not ‘guarantees’, but they are estimated completion dates.

Open source software will be used on your website such as WordPress, which is modified to suit our clients. This software helps us develop the functionality of your site, the speed of the development and to add functionality. The open-source software also helps us keep our prices down for our customers.

Website Hosting & Domain Name

If you would prefer to use your domain, you may transfer the domain to Ubie (if possible) however Ubie will not pay any transfer fees, and these will be expected to be paid for by the client.

Websites must be hosted with Ubie unless all invoices are paid for upfront or after the minimum contract term has been entirely paid for. We must be notified in advance if this is something you would like to do.

If you do not wish to use our hosting services, the management and responsibility will be entirely down to the client.

If the customer wants to move their website files and associated data after the minimum contracted period, this is free on request. The domain name can also be transferred upon request. However, there will be a transfer fee of £25.00 to another IPS tag.

Ubie has the right to remove your website from our servers within three months after your hosting or/and domain date expires. The domain name will be cancelled in the event of non-payment, which could then be purchased by another third-party person.

Clients are limited to an available .co.uk domain name; other domain extensions will occur an extra fee. Please notify us in advance if you would like to use another domain extension other than .co.uk.

Ubie use of your business

Ubie has full rights of using any client testimonial, images of your site and content on our marketing material to promote our services unless we have upfront instructions from the customer to opt-out of being used for marketing material.

We will also place a link at the bottom of your website with marketing text to advertise our services. This can be removed upon request to Ubie.