Business branding

Make your business stand out with our branding solutions. We offer a range of business branding solutions to help you make an impact with your brand.

Our business branding solutions

Take your business to the next stage, from having just a website. We specialise in providing digital marketing for small businesses.
Original Pizza company logo design from Ubie

Logo design

Make your brand ‘pop’ with a logo design from Ubie. We offer a basic logo design option or a fully bespoke design service. In addition, we can discuss your colour scheme preferences and design type.
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Search engine optimisation

Business cards

We can design and print business cards and deliver them to your door. We have multiple options for your business cards. Including paper quality, size, and double-sided business/folded cards.
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Social media branding

Are your social media profiles not looking their best? We can upload, resize and design banners for your social media business profiles. We can also assist in setting up social media accounts from scratch.
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Frequently asked questions

General business branding

What is branding?

Your brand is how people perceive you, including how they feel and think about your business. From social media posts, your website and marketing material such as business cards, your brand will be the first aspect they see of your business. It's essential to be consistent with your branding. For example, using the same colour scheme and branding is important to keep your brand consistent.

How should I be marketing my brand?

How you market your brand will depend on your business type and goals. Your business type and goals will define your marketing strategy. Almost all businesses need to have a professional website. At Ubie, we provide a range of website design solutions . Social media is also an essential tool for most businesses. For example, Facebook works well for B2C clients and LinkedIn for B2B.

Business cards

What are the advantages of having business cards?

Digital marketing solutions and social channels like Linked In have transformed how we make business connections. However, it's vital not to forget about traditional methods too. For example, if you were holding an exhibition and wanted to exchange details. Your business card gives a potential client your contact details. Also, it will offer a professional image of your business.

Do you print business cards?

Yes, we can print business cards. Alternatively, we can offer a design-only service. So, get in touch to find out more.

Social media branding

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that harnesses the power of social media networks. Therefore, you can use the networks to increase your brand awareness. Social media can assist your business in connecting with your audience to build your brand. Therefore, this can help increase your sales and drive website traffic. An example of social media marketing is ad management on the Meta business suite.

What is Facebook ad management?

The Meta business suite controls Facebook ads. We will assist in setting up your adverts, targeting and bids. Our methodology will help you use your advert budget effectively, including the following: Using Facebook targeting to narrow your audience is most likely to convert, Aiming to increase your brand awareness or event, Engaging with existing website visitors using remarketing.