How it works

Having your website developed with Ubie, could not be easier. There are just a few steps to get started with us.


Choose a Plan & Sign Up

First, you need to choose the plan that suits you. You can purchase a Website Plan on our website, or if you need assistance with choosing a Plan, you can Contact Us, and we can do the sign-up process on the phone. It takes roughly 15 minutes to sign up and will include the first payment and a contract e-signature for your plan.


Website Specifications

The next step will be to gather details for your Websites Development. Some of the questions will ask information such as the email addresses you would like setup, colour scheme and layout options and domain name setup. The form takes roughly around 15-30 minutes to complete; this allows us to gather the essential information we need. Don’t worry if something needs more explaining for a feature you need; you can contact your assigned web developer.


Website Development

Your assigned Ubie Website Developer will now develop your website. Your web developer will design your website onto your domain name, which will be password protected before launch. Don’t worry if you’re currently using your domain name and don’t want us to develop directly on the domain name from the start, as we can start by developing your website on a Ubie test domain and then move the website to your domain name once complete.


Website Amendments

Once you have seen your website for the first time, you can then send us the amendments you need doing. Your web designer will then book time in their next available date, to complete those amendments for you. Once you are happy with those amendments we have done, we will then go onto the next step.


Publish your website

Once you’re fully satisfied with your website, we will need to complete our ‘End of Website Development’ form kindly. After the form has been completed by yourself, we will then publish your website. You will then receive your website login so that you can edit your website. We will ensure to do a ‘File Permissions’ check and secure your website with SSL, once it’s launched.


Ongoing Aftercare

You have nothing to worry about once we publish your website. Your domain name and hosting will be renewed by us, as part of your monthly fee. We also provide ongoing technical support, so if you ever run into an issue or unsure on how to do something in your websites control panel, we can assist on [email protected].