Our mission

Ubie Ltd: Empowering small businesses to thrive with custom-designed website development and effective digital marketing solutions that drive success.
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What makes Ubie different?

Born from a family of small business owners, our founder Ben Anderson knows the digital world inside out. Including experience running the family business and revamping/managing a local extreme sports store's online presence for two years.

Now, let's dive into website development and digital marketing. It's a tangled web out there, with options ranging from dirt-cheap web builders to wallet-draining development solutions.

But don't worry! Ubie believes in keeping things simple. We've created an easy, high-quality, affordable solution for small businesses. Say goodbye to the complexity and hello to our pay monthly websites, where you get everything you need without the hassle. It's time to simplify your online presence and grow your small business.

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A focus on efficiency

Ubie breaks the mold of traditional website and marketing agencies, bringing you top-notch solutions with a dash of affordability. Our refreshingly honest approach has won over the hearts of small businesses across the UK.

  • No more pointless meetings: Time is money, and we won't waste either. Traditional agencies love those never-ending chats, but we cut to the chase without the fluff.
  • Say goodbye to lengthy sign-ups: Three website plans and a breezy 30-minute online sign-up. It's that simple, no complicated quoting process to make your head spin.
  • Transparent pricing, no tricks: Hosting, domain, SSL? We've got you covered, without sneaky extra fees. Enjoy all the essentials with a straightforward monthly payment.

Our values

We truly value the importance of our core principles. They are the driving force behind how we work and how we conduct ourselves every day.


Ubie aims to make every customer experience exceptional.


Helps keep our prices affordable and our services top-notch.


Long term aims to empower individuals with limited opportunities.


We actively promote taking accountability and to always do the right thing.

Mission statement:

Ubie Ltd's mission is to actively empower small businesses through innovative website development and impactful digital marketing solutions. We simplify the online presence of our clients, driving their growth with hassle-free, high-quality, and affordable options. Our commitment to core values ensures exceptional experiences and unwavering accountability. We actively support and train individuals with limited opportunities for long-term success, making a positive social impact. Join us on this journey of excellence as we become the go-to partner for small business success in the digital world.

Vision statement:

Ubie Ltd envisions a future where small businesses flourish online, propelled by our witty, engaging, and innovative approach. We actively revolutionise the small business landscape by simplifying website development and digital marketing solutions, ensuring transparency, affordability, and exceptional value for our clients. We actively drive growth and success for small businesses while making long-term plans for social impact through opportunities and training for individuals with limited prospects. With Ubie by their side, small businesses conquer the digital world.