Digital marketing

Grow your website's presence online. We provide solutions to help present your business online to help you beat your competitors.

Our digital marketing solutions

Take your business to the next stage, from having just a website. We specialise in providing digital marketing for small businesses.
Google Pay-per-clicl

Google (PPC) ads management

We will maximise your ad budget with a focus on conversions. At Ubie, we provide a complete management service. Including ad creation, conversion tracking & keyword research.
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Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

If you want to expand access to your local market, our local SEO solution can help your business grow online. An online footprint is essential to get more traffic to your website.
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Social media advertising

Social media advertising

Social media marketing helps you attract new customers. Setting up and managing social media campaigns can be complex. Let us take away the hassle.
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Frequently asked questions

About digital marketing

How does a digital marketing solution help my small business?

A digital marketing solution can help to get your business found online. If potential customers can't easily find you online, they could choose another business. If someone wants to find your website online, they often use a search engine. The most popular search engine is Google .

Why should I choose a Ubie digital marketing solution?

Our digital marketing solutions will perform for your business. We specialise in small business digital marketing solutions. We have proven results in multiple industries. From a DJ studio, cleaning business and taxi hire company. Tailored digital marketing solutions for most sectors and budgets. In addition, over 100 plus businesses monthly trust Ubie with their website.

What digital marketing solution is the best?

The best digital marketing solution depends on who you are trying to target. Different budgets and industries have platforms which work better for them. Pay-per-click is the fastest solution to get results. When eligible, a sponsored listing will always appear near the top of a search. Therefore, potential clients will view sponsored listings first. However, pay-per-click has an ongoing cost with ad spend. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of content and technical work on your website. The aim is to climb the ranks on Google. Search engine optimisation is a long-term solution, with many months to take effect. However, unlike pay-per-click, no ad-spend budget is required. Social media marketing works best for brand awareness. For example, a good use of social media marketing would be for a new pub opening or local event.

Google ads pay-per-click management

What is pay-per-click management?

Pay-per-click (PPC) management is managing and overseeing a business's PPC ad spend. The aim is to minimise the overall expenditure of ad spend. Therefore, we use proven methods to achieve this. Includes choosing the right bidding strategy, ad groups, landing pages and conversion tracking.

How much does pay-per-click cost?

The cost of pay-per-click varies depending on your ad-spend budget and the time needed for us to manage the campaigns. Your ad-spend budget will be taken directly by Google, and our fee will be invoiced separately.

Search engine optimisation

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimising is a mixture of content and technical practices. The aim is to improve your website's ranking on search engine algorithms.

How much does search engine optimisation cost?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) costs can be varied. The cost will depend on the keywords and locations you are targeting. The pricing model of SEO is monthly retainer-based. We recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements.

What search engines do you optimise websites for?

We mainly focus on optimising websites for Google, as they have most of the market share. However, we also optimise for Bing, the second-largest search engine.

Social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that harnesses the power of social media networks. Therefore, you can use the networks to increase your brand awareness. Social media can assist your business in connecting with your audience to build your brand. Therefore, this can help increase your sales and drive website traffic. An example of social media marketing is ad management on the Meta business suite.

What is Facebook ad management?

The Meta business suite controls Facebook ads. We will assist in setting up your adverts, targeting and bids. Our methodology will help you use your advert budget effectively, including the following: Using Facebook targeting to narrow your audience is most likely to convert, Aiming to increase your brand awareness or event, Engaging with existing website visitors using remarketing.