Pay Monthly Website Plans

Setting up a new business venture or wanting to supercharge your existing business? We have Pay Monthly Website Plans to suit all requirements and budgets.


Ideal for small or start-up businesses £39 per month

Custom Design Up to 4 Pages 1 Email Address SEO Friendly Ongoing Technical Support Easy-to-use CMS Domain Name & Hosting Mobile, Tablet & Desktop friendly In-House UK Web Designer


Most Popular - Perfect for Small & Medium Sized Businesses £59 per month

Premium Custom Design Up to 8 Pages 3 Email Addresses Initial SEO Booster Ongoing Technical Support Easy-to-use CMS Domain Name & Hosting Mobile, Tablet & Desktop friendly In-House UK Web Designer


Our top tier Pay Monthly Website Plan £79 per month

Premium Custom Design 12 (We Create) + Self-Added Pages* 8 Email Addresses Initial SEO Booster Ongoing Technical Support Easy-to-use CMS Domain Name & Hosting Mobile, Tablet & Desktop friendly In-House Senior UK Web Designer

Content Writing

Don't have the time to write the content for your site or would prefer professional copywriting? We can provide induction content-writing deals for our website plan clients. Contact Ubie now for a quote.
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Logo Design

Want to stand out from the crowd? Our professional Logo Design will enhance your businesses brand. Give our clients that all-important first impression! We can provide you with a logo at an additional charge.
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Social Media Setup

Do not fall behind the times, as customers want to connect with you on social media. If you do not have social media already, we can help! We can offer Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page setups, for an additional cost.
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Premium Cheap Web Design with Easy Monthly Payments

Are you looking for a company that provides Cheap Web Design without compromising on quality? You do not have to spend thousands of pounds to get a high-quality website. Ubie Cheap Web Design offers Website Plans with easy monthly payments, that performs for your business. We are incredibly proud of the websites we have created and proud to show them off in our Portfolio.

If you are looking for a Cheap Website Design company that takes great pride in the work it creates, then we are the web designers for you!

Why choose Ubie for Cheap Web Design?

We believe that our beautiful website design, excellent customer support and proven results we have achieved for our clients, is what makes us stand out from other web design companies. We highlight our Website Portfolio, as we are incredibly proud of the work we create. Some companies may try and hide their Portfolio, but we instead make it the main highlight of our website.

We also offer multiple Website Plans from a small website to large e-commerce websites, to suit your budget and requirements. Some Cheap Web Design companies do not provide the same level of service that we offer here at Ubie, so ensure you choose a company that will provide you with both quality and cheap prices.

Premium Bespoke Websites from £39 per month

Our cheap website design is always custom-designed and on the highly powerful WordPress Content Management System. Our websites also come with an excellent drag-and-drop page builder (Visual Composer), which makes it easy for you to edit your website, 24-hours a day online.

We believe that our Cheap Website Design Plans offer the best of both worlds between having a bespoke website, built from our UK in-house professionals and the accessibility of having an easy to use website builder at the touch of your fingertips.

Everything you need to get online

Ubie Cheap Web Design Plans include everything you need to get online, without having to worry about unexpected extra fees. Our website plans come with fast web hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, excellent ongoing support and professional email addresses.

If you're looking for a website that is mobile responsive, custom designed and with a clean UX - make sure you get a free no-obligation quote and discuss your requirements further with a Ubie Specialist.

Why choose a Ubie Pay Monthly Plan for Cheap Web Design?

Ubie Pay Monthly Website Plans are more flexible and more affordable to business owners than traditional fixed cost websites. For example, after your initial 12 months, you could have a small or large website refresh on a new plan, or you could continue your current website plan. Pay Monthly Website Plans are much more flexible and cost-effective as they include all the features you need to get online, as many traditional web design companies may charge extra fees for domain, web hosting & SSL.

If you're still unsure, why not Contact Us and talk to us further about your requirements. We can answer your questions in detail and recommend the most suitable plan for you. Why not come and speak to us and start the journey to supercharging your business online!

Cheap Website Design Portfolio

Take a look at some of the latest websites we have created with Ubie Cheap Web Design on our Easy Pay Monthly Plans. You could have your very own bespoke website like below!

Mega City Properties Pay Monthly Website

Mega City Properties

Site Type:
Property Management
Real Estate
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The Dental Recruiters Pay Monthly Website

The Dental Recruiters

Site Type:
Recruitment Management
Jobs & Recruitment
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Sharkeys Retail Pay Monthly Ecommerce

Sharkeys Retail

Site Type:
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Point to Point Services Pay Monthly Website Design

Point to Point Services

Site Type:
Multi Purpose
Training Courses
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Premier Prose Pay Monthly Website Design

Premier Prose

Site Type:
Digital Services
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Jigsaw Recruitment Pay Monthly Website Design

Jigsaw Recruitment

Site Type:
Recruitment Management
Jobs & Recruitment
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the contract?

If you choose one of our Pay Monthly Website Plans, there is a minimum contractable period of 12 months, this is because all our websites are custom-designed, and our designers spend a great deal of time developing your website. We aim to make our customers 100% satisfied and to continue with us after the minimum period of 12 months has passed.

Is there any hidden setup fees or upfront costs?

We only need one monthly payment by credit or debit card before we start the process. There is no hefty setup fees or upfront costs, as our simple pay monthly direct debit will cover the websites development, design and ongoing technical support.

What happens after the initial 12 months?

After the initial 12 months contract, you will then be placed automatically onto a 1-month rolling contract. The price includes the continuation of your website hosting, domain renewal, mailboxes, SMTP server, Visual Composer license and ongoing technical support. If you want a new website after you have completed your contract, that’s no problem. You can sign up to one of our plans and cancel your old contract with us. If you were to leave us after you complete your contract, we would be very sad to see you leave us. However, we always respect your decision, and we can make a transfer of your website files and database so that you can host your site elsewhere. However, you will need to find alternatives or m make purchases for the features we provide listed above.

Do you offer Logo Design & Content Writing?

You can send us your own content and logo or we can provide these services, which can be found on our Optional Extra’s page.