Getting More Leads To Your Website

Getting More Leads To Your Website

Attracting lots of traffic to your website is all very well and good – but what if hardly any of these visitors are converting into customers? Just as some shops can be busy but hardly make any sales, a website can also fail to generate customers despite getting lots of visitors.

By improving your website, you may be able to change this and attract more leads. A pay monthly website service may be able to help you make these improvements. Here are just some of the improvements that can help generate more leads to your website.

Use analytics

Web analytic tools can help you to trace where your visitors are coming from, as well as which pages are most popular and when. By using this data correctly, you can help to generate more leads.

For instance, you may notice that a particular page is getting lots of visitors – this could be the perfect page to put a call-to-action button or a form to convert more visitors into leads.

Google Analytics is the most common tool for collecting web traffic data. By choosing a pay monthly web design service that includes the option of Google Analytics, you can begin taking advantage of this data.

Track clicking and scrolling

There is also software available that can track exactly how visitors are using your website. This includes tracking clicking and scrolling to see which areas of your site visitors are attracted to the most, as well as seeing which call-to-action buttons are being clicked.

Many companies that offer pay monthly websites already use this software to help optimise clients’ websites. Such optimisation tactics could include getting rid of offers and links located in ‘dead zones’ and relocating them in popular areas of your website. It could also include getting rid of call-to-action buttons that aren’t performing well.

Track phone calls

You can also generate more leads by tracking phone calls. To help you figure out which web pages are generating the most phone calls, you could consider using different phone numbers on each page. By directing all of these phone numbers to you and tracing them back, you can determine which web page is getting you the most callers so that you can focus your promotional content here.

This does involve acquiring and setting up multiple phone numbers. Some people may find this to be a little too much effort, but it can be very effective if your main source of leads is phone calls.

Use A/B testing

In web design, A/B testing involves setting up two different versions of the same page and seeing which one performs the best. This can be a great way of trialing out various web design tricks to maximise leads – using analytics and tracking software; you can work out which web page version your leads are coming from.

A/B testing can be time-consuming, so it could be worth investing in a digital marketing company to do it for you. It’s worth finding a company that offers monthly websites – such companies regularly use A/B testing to help improve your site.

Consider a live chat option

Many modern websites are adopting live chat features that allow visitors to ask questions they may have about your company. Many consumers find this more convenient than picking up the phone. By having an assistant available to answer such questions, you may be able to generate more leads via your site – it could prevent visitors leaving your site and looking for answers elsewhere.

You can even track visitor activity on your website and send automated messages when people visit certain areas of your site or when people have been on your site for a certain period of time. This may prompt people into using your live chat feature.

A pay monthly website service can help you to set up this live chat tool on your site.

Get creative with call-to-action buttons

You may also be able to increase leads by getting creative with call-to-action buttons. As well as locating them in the right places, it could be worth considering the size, the colour and the text used. Using A/B testing you may be able to experiment with different sizes, colors, and text. When it comes to the text, there may even be ways of personalising it (such as using ‘sign up here’ for new visitors and ‘welcome back’ for registered visitors)

A pay monthly website design service could help you when it comes to creating effective and creative CTA buttons. Programming skills may be necessary in certain cases in which you want to create personalised text.

Use pop-ups strategically

Implemented incorrectly, pop-ups can be annoying. However, used in the right way, they can be a great way of generating leads. It’s all about not using too many at the same time and knowing when to trigger them.

One example could include triggering a pop-up to appear when someone tries to leave your site with an item in their shopping cart – simply by using the pop-up to remind them; you could prevent them from leaving your site and continuing with the sale.

To help you use pop-ups strategically, it could be worth investing professional help. Many pay monthly websites can be designed to include pop-ups catered to your specific goals.

Add forms to pages that perform well

If you require people to register for your service via a form, you may want to consider where you place these forms on your site. While you may be able to use call-to-action buttons leading to a separate form page, companies with short forms may be able to embed these straight into pages to maximise leads. By placing these on pages that perform well, you can increase the likeliness of people signing up.

To create effective forms, you may also want to look into professional support. Many monthly websites can be designed to include responsive forms catered to individual visitors. Such forms could encourage a higher number of people to sign up.