Top Search Engine Optimisation Tips 2020 to Boost Traffic

search engine optimisation tips 2020

It is hard for any website owner to underestimate the value of search engine optimization or SEO. This is the magic trick that draws in thousands to millions of visitors to their website every day. You can make the most of it by investing in pay monthly websites which allow you the convenience of skipping setup work.

If your site is ready to go or has been there for a while now, you can follow the top SEO tips of 2020 to boost its traffic. Here are seven of those tricks to get you started!

The Top SEO Tips Of 2020

Keyword research has been one of the most obvious tricks to optimize your rank in the search engine results for a long time. Even today, when you think about the most successful ways to draw in visitors to your website, keywords play the most powerful part. All you have to do is find the most effective ones for your content.

There are several ways to find the best keywords for your website. You can notice them from the suggestions listed by Google in the text input box and at the end of SERPs.

Take a step further in your efforts by utilizing Google Search Console features. Visit its Performance Report, then Pages and then select any page to see which keywords brought you the most clicks! This list can include the words you didn’t even incorporate into the content!

Once you find out these popular keywords and the range of their popularity, you can start consciously including them in the content of your pay monthly website. This should generate a lot more traffic for your platform and improve its overall rank.

Keyword Allocation and Uniqueness

Only finding the right keywords is not enough. You also need to implement them properly and place them where it will ensure maximum impact. For instance, you should use the primary keyword in the title tag of your page, it’s URL address and the first 100 words of its content.

You can also come up with branded keywords – these are the words, terms or phrases coined by you! Go creative with your knowledge in the field to make these unique keywords that you can highlight in the future content pieces. Then more people will be drawn to your site since it was the source for that word!

Relevant and Captivating Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are still something that many content creators or website owners tend to overlook. These may only seem like small paragraphs that accompany the respective piece of content on SERPs at first. However, they are in fact the very words that help the viewers understand what they can expect here.

These descriptions are like the window to your detailed article through which they can take a quick peek beforehand. Reading this particular section, users decide if your page is worth the visit or not.

Therefore, you should definitely focus on making captivating meta descriptions that lure in more readers. At the same time, they should not be irrelevant to the content. Clickbait will only lower your reliability to the readers or potential clients.

Avoid Pogo-sticking

The term ‘pogo-sticking’ may seem unfamiliar to some of you. This basically refers to situations when:

  1. User clicks on your site out of all other options on the Google result page
  2. Then immediately goes back to that page after realizing your site doesn’t have what they were looking for

As you can understand, pogo-sticking is a negative phenomenon that any good website should try to avoid. Google keeps track of such incidents to help their users find the most useful content as early as possible. So if it detects too much pogo-sticking on your site, it will lower your website’s rank.

In order to avoid this, you should include more bullets and subheadings in your articles. Because of these clearly specified sections, the user will spend more time browsing through the article and read the particular part which answers their query.

Text and Backlinks In Audio-visual Content

Google is still not apt at reading media content for search engine optimization. That is why you should include text in such content to make it readable for Google. It can be photos, videos, podcasts or something similar included in your pay monthly web design.

If your website produces visual assets like infographics and charts which can be used by others, include a backlink in them. This way, even if the citer doesn’t refer to your site, the content itself will automatically tell the audience where it comes from.

Readable URLs

Making your webpage address readable is not only necessary for being more comprehensible to the visitors, but also for being clear about your content type to the search engines. If the URL of an article doesn’t have the necessary keywords or is too packed with unnecessary items, it will not rank high on the SERPs.

Refrain from filling up the address with generic words, random numbers, capital letters or too many symbols. Some examples of what your URLs should NOT look like are:


Keep the URL precise and easy to read by incorporating a few central keywords. It is a good idea to limit the number of such keywords to four. Another good trick is to include hyphens instead of underscores since Google ignores the latter.


It is imperative for any website of today to be mobile-friendly. No matter what device the user visits the site from, it should look flawless and be as convenient as the desktop version. In fact, Google has declared that it will consider the mobile edition as the primary version of your website!

So if the web design of your pay monthly site needs some work in this area, get them done as soon as possible. Otherwise, your site may never show up high on the SERPs and take a hit on its traffic potential.

By implementing these simple yet very effective SEO tips, you can start seeing massive growth in the analytics of your pay monthly websites. They can boost the traffic exponentially which will result in increased customer engagement and more clients in the future!