What is a page readability score, and why is it important?


Perhaps, you already know that great content is important for the success of your website. After all, it will help your audience understand what your business provides. However, placement of complex content and wordy content on your website will restrict the user’s ability understanding the content; you will be risking losing your important online interactions. Including when you have constructed your web copies masterfully and they are meaningful, they will not be effective if they are not readable.

So, what is page readability

Page readability relates to clear and easier to understand the page content. By focusing on the readability of your website content, you will increase the chances of your target audience will read and interact with it after the publication. For that reason, the readability should be the most natural part of your content management. You can formulate clear communication strategies and a clear content plan, but failure to check the content readability will make your hard work a waste.

Why is readability score important for your website?

SEO professionals are now precise on keyword consent creation. However, most of the content published on the internet is not focused on readability. In other words, the content gets its positioning, but people do not read it. That alone hurts the results of most websites.

Search engines use a readability score as one of the ranking factors. People who observe the readability score when creating content for their websites have an advantage. You can develop great content, but it will not be great unless your target audience reads it and understands what you are telling them. Most managers work hard to develop precise and properly written content. Unfortunately, the readers might not be well versed and might find it very hard to understand the content.
When creating your website content, you should try to understand your content. You should try to check whether they will understand your message and whether your new website visitors can learn something new from the content. As a writer, you should create content for people and not search engines. The best thing to do is to find the balance between the context and SEO.


If the readability of your website content is hard, the users are likely to leave your website pages immediately they land because they will find the offered content hard to read. If you are running a legal firm website, using legal terminology when creating the content will scare people, and they are likely to leave. Use something that a 5-year old would understand. Failure to observe the readability score will result in a high bounce rate that can affect your ranking on the search engines negatively.